June 18, 2024 Bundesliga Squash Finals 2023, 08-10 June, Krefeld


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ROWE Motor Oil is one of the largest independent lubricant manufacturers in Europe with its headquarters in Worms. In addition to engine oils, gear and hydraulic oils, industrial and metalworking lubricants, bio-lubricants, as well as radiator and window antifreeze, ROWE also offers various car care products.

Actions are constantly geared towards the needs of ROWE customers. With openness, fairness and qualified employees, ROWE is able to create a long-term basis of trust with its customers.

The commitment to sport and culture has always been part of the company philosophy. Sport in the sense of fair competition embodies this concept in the original sense. The concern of the company is to promote “true sportsmanship” and to implement its social values. ROWE is particularly involved in motor sports, but also in the areas of football, powerboat and squash.


For over 130 years, a love of the game has driven Dunlop people to give every type of player access to the same beautifully designed and technically advanced sports products.

Dunlop is the world market leader in squash balls. Dunlop squash balls are used worldwide in all tournaments of the PSA – Professional Squash Association – as well as in many leagues. Dunlop also occupies one of the leading positions in squash racquets. With Ali Farag they have the current No. 1 of the PSA under contract. Numerous other top players such as Diego Elias, Declan James, Greg Gaultier and Nour El Tayeb also rely on Dunlop. Dunlop is the official supplier of the PSA in the areas of balls, racquets, strings and grip tapes. The aim is to produce high-quality products that, with their innovative technologies, contribute to increasing the enjoyment of the game.


InteractiveSQUASH is an innovative training and gaming platform. With a new tin, a projector and several sensors, the ball and the player are digitally recorded and the front wall becomes a huge touchpad.

In this way, digital applications ranging from simple games to highly effective training applications can be used on the new “Smart Courts”. You can play with any ball and no additional equipment is required.

From an interactive monster hunt, educational games, and even worldwide “longline and butterfly challenges”, the system offers enormous added value for every club and is also an enormous incentive for attracting new players and training with children and teenagers.

There are now four courts in Germany (30+ worldwide). In addition to creating new sources of income for clubs and facilities, they are an excellent example of combining professional training, entertainment for children, attracting new players and a more modern image of the sport of squash.


OLIVER rackets have been produced since 1938. Over the years, 7-fold glued wooden racquets have become super-light, high-tech carbon racquets. All Oliver products are developed in Germany and produced in our own factory in China.

Using a new heat control process, the German racket specialist is able to produce squash frames under 100 g.

Oliver is probably the racket manufacturer who has developed more new technologies and material combinations for squash rackets than almost any other company in the last 30 years. In squash fashion, Oliver has always tried to create his own identity, especially for squash players.

In Dossenheim (near Heidelberg) there is constant contact with competitive athletes from different countries – above all Simon Rösner, the best squasher that Germany has ever produced – in order to optimize the extensive range of products. The result of this cooperation is, among other things, more than 50% of all titles that could be won in German squash!

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our players and above all the countless OLIVER customers,” is the comment from Oliver boss Jürgen Bundschuh, a squash pioneer from the very beginning.

ASB squash courts

To date, more than 7,500 ASB squash courts have been delivered to enthusiastic customers in over 70 countries around the world. ASB has never limited itself to simply building squash courts – success has encouraged what is probably the most innovative squash court manufacturer to continue to adhere to the existing strategy.

The state-of-the-art ShowGlassCourt is ASB’s flagship and is set up in exposed locations around the world for the largest and most well-known events.

The product world of ASB is very extensive. In addition to the standard products such as the SystemCourt 100 or SystemCourt 40 and innovations such as the GameCourt , the rotating glass back wall and the sliding side wall, ASB has revolutionized squash and the construction of leisure centers over the last 40 years.

ASB has never been limited to court construction and is reinforced in this with the success of the Glass Floor .