Welcome to Turhhalle

This year’s Bundesliga Finals take place at the Squash Club Turnhalle in Krefeld, so here’s a quick look at the venue before we get going …

It turns out the, population-wise, Krefeld is a little larger than Newcastle, so the 40-minute walk from the Hotel to the Club wasn’t able to reveal much of the City, other than it looks really clean and green, with a tram system that can cut that walk in half and, no doubt, plenty more attractions to explore (the Zoo is along the way, and there’s a Circus just outside the hotel).

The club itself is set in an industrial area, and has the feel of a converted retail unit. There’s a central Bar, with two courts on either side and four courts across the back, all Glassbacks.

The main court on which the finals will be played is on the right end of the four courts, with a few rows of seating behind and a pair of openings in the tin which I’ll have to go outside to use (I brought the box too!)

Club owner and Krefeld team manager Michael Mühlbacher told me that before Covid the club was purely squash, but it’s now branched out into activities such as a Karate Training school, Darts (there was a actually tournament going on tonight) and even a Cycle repair centre on one of the courts!

Lots more to come over the next three days, but there’s a first look for you …

More photos in the Gallery

More photos in the Gallery