Paderborn and Worms top the Tables

The regular Bundesliga season finished with Paderborn and Worms topping the North and South Divisions, with identical records of eight wins and two winning draws.

Report from Squash Bundesliga (google translated)

The regular season of the 2022-2023 season has been played, the seasons decided and the final round participants determined: Paderborn and Worms each win their season. Diepholz and Krefeld are second, Berlin and Kempten qualify as third in the relay for the first time for the German Team Championships from June 8th to 10th in Krefeld.

Worms lost a point on the last day of the game in Stuttgart, but won the southern season with a nine-point lead over Krefeld. After a proper false start, the people from the Lower Rhine region made an outstanding comeback and qualified as second in the southern season for the play-offs in the local gym. Kempten played a good season and are third in a final for the first time.

In the north, the current German team champion Paderborn lives up to its role as favorite and wins with an eleven-point lead over last year’s third-placed DMM Diepholz. Berlin finishes the round in third place and is thus also qualified for a DMM for the first time.

Detailed Results from the Northern Division

Detailed results from the Southern Division